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Probate Planning: Recommended Measures And Strategies Straight From Our Probate Lawyers

  • By: spk-admin
  • Published: April 2, 2024
Probate Planning: Recommended Measures And Strategies Straight From Our Probate Lawyers

Probate is a complicated ordeal to undertake. Wrought with challenges, it typically occurs at a time in people’s lives that is already incredibly difficult. Having to worry about issues pertaining to transferring property and assets to beneficiaries shortly after the loss of a loved one isn’t ideal whatsoever. This seriously detracts from the mental and emotional energy you should be dedicating to grieving, remembering them, and finding the closure necessary to heal and move on.

Based in Edmond, OK, Oklahoma Estate Attorneys, PLLC specializes in equipping people with knowledge of Oklahoma probate law that empowers them to handle things on their own. Our estate administration lawyers have prepared this article as part of this overarching mission. In it, we will discuss relatively simple things you can do that will make the probate process considerably smoother than it would otherwise be. Continue reading to explore various measures and strategies that will protect your interests, whether you’re an estate holder or beneficiary.

Crafting A Comprehensive Estate Planning Foundation

Develop A Customized Plan For Streamlined Proceedings

Perhaps the proactive measure you can take that does the most to facilitate a smooth probate experience is establish a plan. Like with anything else, a plan is a great way to explicitly outline a course of action intended to steer you toward a particular goal. Although less likely, conditions may be such that the plan you’ve created doesn’t end up meaning much. Nonetheless, a plan is a great thing to have in place should this not be the case.

In the probate world, an estate plan generally includes the following legal instruments, but depending on your specific circumstances, you may very well benefit by having more documents as part of your estate plan.


Wills are documents that outline your wishes with regard to how your property and assets are to be distributed upon your death. They can also define how you want any minor child you may have to be cared for.


This legal instrument facilitates transferring assets and property from one party to another. The receiving party holds and manages the enclosed holdings for a third party. There are different types of trusts, each with its own niche uses.

Powers Of Attorney

These documents acknowledge the delegation of authority from one person to another to act on their behalf should they become unable to do so themselves. The authority and subsequent duties bestowed can vary somewhat considerably depending on how the Power of Attorney is written. Like with trusts, there are several different types of Powers of Attorney, each with its own characteristics and uses.

Regular Review

Life happens and things change. If you have an estate plan in place, set aside time once every few years to routinely review it and make any updates that may be necessary. Documents that are out of date can cause unintended consequences that can cost you significant amounts of time and money later.

Minimizing Liability, Maximizing Value – Getting Optimal Results With A Tax Lawyer

Taxes are a hassle to deal with under normal circumstances. Adding another layer, and an especially complicated one at that, to things is a sure way to take more of your precious time and energy, as well as potentially eat away at money you could save.

Getting input from not only a process of probate lawyer but also a tax lawyer while constructing your estate plan will pay dividends later. Both have critical perspectives and can contribute to shaping the perfect plan that mitigates tax liabilities while increasing the value associated with your estate, whether you’re the holder or a beneficiary. This will preserve wealth within the family and put beneficiaries in the best financial position possible as they carry on the legacy of the estate holder.

Realize When You’re Beyond Yourself

As the probate process comes to an end, you may need to rely heavily on an estate settlement attorney. As much as you can do to equip yourself to handle probate, it may just not be enough, depending on the specific circumstances of your case.

Without a robust understanding of the law, you risk failing to distribute property and assets in compliance with the many Oklahoma laws on the books. This simply won’t happen with the lead of an experienced estate settlement attorney. They will get appraisals of assets, address any outstanding debts and liabilities the estate has, and handle all of the documentation associated with it all.

Adding a dispute from a family into the mix, and you’ll not only risk losing out on money you’d otherwise have but also seriously straining an immensely important relationship. All this at a time where you’re already under considerable emotional stress as it is.

Contact Oklahoma Estate Attorneys, PLLC., today for our probate-related material. We’ve created it to empower you with the knowledge necessary to navigate Oklahoma probate with ease. For cases that are exceptionally complex and nuanced, we are more than happy to represent you or connect you with another attorney who can.