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Understanding Probate: A Comprehensive Guide To Its Necessity And Process

  • By: spk-admin
  • Published: May 27, 2024
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Probate is a legal process that you, like so many others, may encounter at some point in the future. This generally occurs after the loss of a precious loved one. Despite how somewhat common it is, it remains engulfed in confusion and an array of misconceptions.

During what may be one of the most difficult times of your life, the last thing you need is to base decisions on misconceptions and work on incorrect information. You need clarity so you can dedicate invaluable time and effort to far more important things, such as remembering your loved one, tending to other mourning family members, and healing so you can move forward.

The probate attorneys from Oklahoma Estate Attorneys, PLLC. based in Edmond, OK, have prepared this article to help you navigate the complexities of probate, ensuring you have access to a reliable source of accurate information and clear guidance during this challenging period. We’ll cover what probate is, why it is necessary, and more. Remember, though, that as helpful as this article may be, it does not replace directly working with a probate lawyer.

Unpacking Probate

Before we dive in further, let’s briefly define probate. Probate is the legal procedure by which the assets associated with the estate of a deceased person are distributed to their heirs and designated beneficiaries. In addition to this, probate ensures any outstanding debts the estate has are paid off to creditors.

Probate may seem like an unnecessary obstacle to have to be forced to deal with, and in some ways, that’s a fair assessment to make, but it’s ultimately a process critical to ensuring assets are distributed in a fair way that protects all parties involved. It serves these essential functions:

Validation Of Wills

If the deceased left a will, probate verifies its authenticity and ensures it meets legal requirements. Although not entirely foolproof, this serves to prevent disputes that may arise pertaining to the validity of a will. Should a dispute still arise, a skilled probate disputes attorney will certainly be able to successfully advocate for you regardless of your specific circumstances.

Debt Settlement

Probate also ensures that any debts the estate has against it are paid to the party they are due to. This goes far in protecting the rights of the creditor, which is considerably important. But it does more than this. It protects heirs by ensuring debts in question are not passed onto them.

Asset Distribution

The orderly transfer of assets is vital for several reasons, be it concerns over general transparency or maintaining trust among the bereaved. Probate facilitates this, reducing the chance of disputes and upholding the deceased’s wishes.

Challenges Associated With Probate

Like anything that involves people, there are many challenges that unfold throughout the probate process. Common challenges include:


Heirs or other interested parties might contest the validity of the will, bringing along with it an expensive and quite lengthy legal battle. Hiring a probate litigation lawyer can truly be invaluable in these situations.

Locating Assets

Identifying and particularly valuing all assets can be especially difficult. This is increasingly and especially true in today’s day and age with more and more people using digital currencies.


Making any oversight, no matter how inconsequential it may seem, when settling any outstanding debts or tax liabilities can drain an estate, severely affecting the final distribution to its heirs.


If you’re about to undertake the probate process, especially after the loss of a loved one, you need clarity. Partnering with a procedure of probate lawyer is certainly the best way to get that clarity, but if you opt to handle your case on your own, you’ll need to be sure certain common misconceptions don’t wrongly influence your thinking.


Probate is indeed generally an expensive ordeal, but this isn’t always the case. Smaller estates can benefit from a simplified and streamlined process that is far less time-consuming and financially burdensome.


Many think that merely having a will or other estate planning documents in place means you’ll be able to avoid probate. This isn’t necessarily the case, however.

All Assets Subject To Probate

Contrary to what some people think, all assets are not necessarily subject to probate. Insurance policies and retirement accounts are good examples. At that, anything with a clear beneficiary designation would bypass probate.

Understanding what probate is and why it is necessary is vital to alleviate some of the stress and confusion you may experience when faced with probate. Equip yourself as much as you can, and beyond that, seek legal guidance. Contact Oklahoma Estate Attorneys, PLLC. today for answers to particularly nuanced questions.