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Preserving Your Legacy: The Art And Science Of Oklahoma Probate Law

Preserving Your Legacy: The Art And Science Of Oklahoma Probate Law

Probate is the legal process of administering a deceased person’s estate. It is a notoriously complicated process that many have difficulty navigating. Yet, probate in estate planning is a key part of securing your legacy and ensuring your wealth is passed onto your loved ones in the manner you wish after you have passed on.

As is the case in many states, Oklahoma does not legally require you to hire a lawyer when going through the process of probate. Nevertheless, it is undoubtedly wise to do so. In this article, Oklahoma Estate Attorneys, PLLC discusses why and how hiring a probate lawyer can pay dividends in securing your legacy.

Understanding the Role of a Probate Lawyer in Estate Planning

In the probate process, a deceased person’s estate is distributed under the supervision of a state court. Although not strictly necessary, having a probate attorney in your corner will ensure you navigate the process smoothly and avoid mistakes you’d likely otherwise make.

Facilitating The Process

The duties of executors in probate are many and involved. A lawyer lightens the burden for you if you are an executor, helping to facilitate and streamline the entire process. Some of the duties you can expect as an executor include:

  • Compiling a comprehensive inventory of the estate’s assets;
  • Paying off debts;
  • Validating the deceased’s will;
  • Distributing the remnants of the estate to its beneficiaries.

These are just some of the many required duties, and each has its own set of rules and deadlines you would need to follow. A lawyer has years of experience, which translates to an expeditious case since they will avoid mistakes and not need to research relevant matters you would since you aren’t knowledgeable of the law.

Resolving Disputes

Whether because of a tense emotional state or a disagreement over the amount of debt owed, disputes between family members or creditors and an estate frequently happen. A lawyer can serve as a mediator if these sorts of disputes arise, acting as an impartial, objective third party that plays a key role in resolving the issue at hand.

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How a Probate Lawyer Safeguards Your Legacy

A lawyer’s role extends far beyond the immediate scope of the process of probate. They play a vital role in providing you with a comprehensive estate plan that can prevent the need for your beneficiaries to be tangled up in probate court to begin with. This can involve many things, including:
  • Drafting legally compliant wills that precisely and truly reflect your wishes;
  • Establishing trusts tailored to your specific circumstances and goals;
  • Providing you with guidance that reduces the tax burden on your estate.
In line with this, your lawyer will also be able to set up powers of attorney and healthcare directives for you and the estate, ensuring a designated individual can manage financial and healthcare decisions you may face in the future. This is especially pertinent if you were to ever be incapacitated and unable to communicate for yourself. A lawyer will also help you by developing and implementing strategies that protect your wealth from potential creditors and other legal challenges that could erode it away. They draw on several different mechanisms, such as trusts, to shield specific assets in the estate and preserve them for the beneficiary you want to leave them to. There’s a chance you may run into issues related to any guardianship or conservatorship that may be in place pertaining to your estate. Additionally, you may need to establish guardianship or conservatorship if you have a minor or special needs child, as they will not be legally able to manage their inheritance from the estate on their own. A lawyer will be able to navigate any issues you face or set up a guardianship or conservatorship for you if necessary.

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